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Please put wfLoadExtension('NewUserMessage'); in LS and it will run, because in order, I hadn't add for chmod active.

NUM is extension can server each people registered, which the people still confusing after register, and NUM will send a welcome message so can help new user :-)

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Two questions: Why is this task protected? And why not do it through github?

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LoL, I think this is just for admin, I usually push to the server, :) and I always be there.

sometime, I want to edit LS, but I can't save the edit, nah, maybe have a wrong chmod or something else.

That is include 'root' group not sysadmin group

Mkay, I reopen because have issue, can someone go to server and check the wfLoadExtension at localsettings.php, I put some extensions but not load anytime, should me to push via git.

Two reasons why its not working

  1. you may not have pulled the latest changes to the server
  2. The submodules are not correctly added to the repositorys

I've already pull into the server using SFTP also in git before. So I pull 2 version, via git and sftp(to the server).

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I don't know that this is really needed. I don't think many users would be confused.

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